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Paid traffic. General information

Our service records traffic consumption of all proxies per all rates. We tried to reduce the cost of traffic to a minimum and you won't find cheaper traffic elsewhere
Cost for traffic of our proxies is within the range of $0.10/GB to $0.30/GB, which is ten times lower than at our competitors'
Moreover, in comparison with our competitors, we transfer the unused traffic for the next month!

  • Traffic is deducted every 5 minutes
  • Minimum remaining traffic - 1 Gb
  • Traffic is transferred for the next month given that you have purchased or extended your rate within 7 days after the previous one has ended
  • We store statistics concerning traffic consumption for the last 24 hours and further by day
  • If you ran out of traffic, your rate will be blocked, even if some time is left.
  • If you rate is ended because of time, but still there is some traffic, proxies will get blocked.
  • 1Tb = 1 000 Gb = 1 000 Mb = 1 000 000 Kb
  • TariffCostCost per GbMax Traffic
    Silver<1 000$$0.25/GBto 4 000Gb
    Gold<5 000$$0.20/GBto 25 000Gb
    Platinum<10 000$$0.15/GBto 66 000Gb
    Blackfrom 10 000$+$0.10/GBfrom 66 000Gb+
    Number of gigabytes

    Price in USD