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Данные публичные прокси предоставляются совершенно бесплатно и не требуют никакой авторизации.
Эти прокси очень плохого качества, но если вам нужны хорошие прокси, то купить хорошие прокси вы можете на нашем сайте.

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Free proxy are as a rule open, popular public proxy
Unlike private proxies, the public ones do not require registration or a password. They are, in fact, an error or oversight of the system administrator who is responsible for the proxy server installed on the computer and who didn't care about changing default settings. As a result such, a server is quickly located in the network with a special scanner, and becomes property of the public thirsting for anonymity. This information is quite sufficient for safe surfing the Global Network without showing your real IP address.

These proxies have great advantages:
  • they have an easy setup - these proxies don't require authorization and have easy setup
  • they are free!
  • there are no traffic limits or usage purpose

  • Though, this "panacea for anonymity" besides all these advantages has some grave shortcomings:
  • the more users come to know about a new free (public) proxy, the slower it starts working. Although proxy servers are usually installed on powerful servers, their possibilities are not unlimited, and at some moment they stop coping with the flood of requests
  • for the same reason of loading, the number of responses at a public proxy is much lower than when using own IP address. Losses reach 50% from the total number of requests
  • a public proxy would always disappears in the least convenient and least expected moment, which occurs as soon as the administrator of the proxy server pays attention to low workability of the system and finds out the reasons for its overloading. As a result, access is quickly blocked with a password, and a public proxy becomes a private one
  • these proxies are usually in all possible blacklists because of the great number of users and that is why they are of no use for a normal work
  • these proxies often don't have many capacities (such as posting, FTP, SSH etc.)

  • Free proxies are of no use for real tasks, that's why we put them in an open access without a fear of losing our clients