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The project has a new domain and new owners!

We are glad to inform you that our project has changed its owners and domain!


Our service has become more efficient

We have significantly increased the number of proxies, expanded the pool of servers and locations, and also improved the speed of work!


Increase in proxy prices

We are forced to increase the prices for our services!
Hurry up and buy the non-refundable rate for the old price!

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Increase in proxy prices


Dear Clients and Partners,

First of all, we want to thank you for using AWMproxy. We appreciate the established partnership that we have and will continue to develop it so we could remain the largest and most powerful proxy service.

By the end of 2021, we will significantly increase the network infrastructure, which will in turn increase the speed, quantity and quality of our proxies. However, the development of the network during the period of the global pandemic and the general increase in mining
will require significant investments in the purchase of additional equipment. Therefore, the cost of the network’s maintenance will increase, so we are forced to raise our rates as well.

Basic $ 190 (rates at the old price until July 15: for 6 months - $ 485)
Standard $ 390 (rates at the old price until July 15: for 6 months - $ 995)
VIP $ 690 (rates at the old price until July 15: for 6 months-$ 1785)
Google & Instagram $ 900 (rates at the old price until July 15: for 6 months-2550)

Yes, AWMproxy will become more expensive, but our rates will still remain the most affordable on the market. The rates of the competitors with the same capabilities (the number of proxies in the pool, the number of threads, the proxy speed) are far more expensive.

We understand that any raise in prices, even justified, is unpleasant for business.
Therefore, we give the opportunity to buy non-refundable rates for 180 days at the old price until July 15.
This will allow you to maintain the current cost of the product for a long time and prepare your business for future changes.

Best Regards,
The AWMProxy Team

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